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Love x Mental Health x Resilience

The Giving of LOVE is an Education in Itself


Hi, I’m Xanthia

Life & Mindfulness Coach

I'm eager to take the journey of love, mental health and resiliency with those ready to break out of mental fatigue. Reflect Love, LLC is how I help you navigate and find the best version of YOU!

Are you ready to unveil the purpose and passion for your life? Let's chat! 

"I hope my scars and wounds are signs of hope for others who are on the edge and drawing in darkness. My purpose is to reflect love on others, so they don't remain in the battlefield of mind games."  




Derrick C. 

It's not an every day occurrence that you will find people that are positively passionate about helping others to succeed. However, Xanthia is a rare jewel that is head and shoulders above most people you will come in contact with. My testimony is coming from the perspective of seeing Xanthia in action. She is a person of her word. She is not just interested in you, but committed as well. Xanthia will exhaust herself and her resources to make sure her clients are successful. 


Morgan F. 

I have never met someone so positive and full of life until I met Xanthia. We met as co-workers, and she's now one of my favorite friends. If you ever just need to vent or talk to someone, Xanthia is the best person! She's very kind and calm and will help you reach sane solutions that work for you. If anyone is reading this and still questioning whether or not to seek counseling, just read her column in ShoutoutHtx, to get a better feel for just the type of person Xanthia is. I will always recommend her services.   


Brandon B.

Ms. Baptiste is a tremendous delight. The way she brings clarity and light into difficult situations is among her greatest talents- she is truly a master of perspective. Working with my team, she has helped us hone simple skills that we can work on throughout the day to confront hardship and manage energy. She invests her time and self in not only bringing peace to others, but in helping them bring it upon themselves. Her perspective on gratitude and its power to counteract negativity is the most profound takeaway from my work with her. 


Ithaca B.

Thank you soooo much...I'm thankful to know that you are there and gave direction on what was best for you during your experience. You're appreciated. You are one of the good ones and it's rare. I appreciate the ability to seek wisdom and grasp the full implications from someone so special and authentic as you. Don't change because your love and capability to sense levels of energy is beyond the surface, it's therapeutic. 







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