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Xanthia Gordon

Life & Mindfulness Coach

Raised in Baytown, Texas, Xanthia Gordon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health with a specialization in Marriage, Family and Couples; and is a certified mindfulness and life coach. 


Driven by the desire to see others discover and unveil their passion and purpose in life, Xanthia established Reflect Love, LLC as a way to set the mark for how people speak, live, grow in their mindset, and pursue passion. 


Committed to helping people tap into the best version of themselves, Xanthia hopes that her scars and wounds will serve as a sign of hope for others who are on the edge and drowning in darkness. Knowing that everyone has struggles or experiences difficult moments at some point in life, Xanthia’s goal is to coach clients in such a way that they no longer allow their struggle or difficulty to define them. 

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