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But First, Love Yourself

At first, I thought self- love was about loving myself but for all the wrong reasons — outside appearance — having my hair, nails, eyelashes done, looking cute or whatever. I also thought of putting others first, making others happy, and putting myself and my emotions on the back burner were self-love. Now yes, those were self-loving and fulfilling actions, but I was draining myself and running on empty while everyone else on full. Since we’ve been on #stayhome & #staysafe order (corona 2020), I’ve had plenty of time to self-reflect. I realized I wasn’t considering myself, my well-being, or making sacrifices to love myself …meaning I lacked self-love. So here are a few things in my opinion of what self-love is to me to be full.


Forgive. God shows us love when he forgives us even when we don’t deserve it. He pours His love on us and wraps us in His arms. So as God forgives us…You can forgive yourself. You’re not the mistakes that you made in the past. You’re an overcomer, so stop beating yourself up for things and take control over your life and release that situation to God. You should only look back to see how far you’ve come and look forward and no matter what comes your way>>> keep pushing, keep pressing, keep thriving, keep prevailing, and keep loving yourself.

Love Language. We have to be able to fill our own Love Tank. My love language is Words of Affirmation and Quality Time. Sometimes I can be inside of my head, and I can be so hard on myself, but I have to counteract those negative thoughts. Always speaking life and encouraging myself. Posting quotes and sticky notes around the house as a daily reminder. Of course, we have to spend time with ourselves (as if we COVID-19 haven’t allowed that already). Quality time getting in a place to quiet the chaos on the outside. Learning what it’ll be like to fill up your tank would be the best discovery during this time. Now we’ll know how to speak love to ourselves. I encourage you to read The 5 Love Languages and take the assessment. Keep your love tank on full!

Power. Check your portals (SIGHT & HEARING). This is the year of Vision 20/20…we have the time to see things clearer and focused. Pay attention to what you’re watching. Now we’re at home, and we’ve been binge-watching so many different shows via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney (for those of us with kiddos or because we missed those good Disney shows). Even mindlessly scrolling through social media — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder. You should be absorbing material that’s essential to and for your Self-Love journey. If you’re on these sites and the posts are not intriguing you, motivating you, inspiring you, or even making you reread. It’s okay to block, unfriend and unfollow. Surround yourself with people that helped me grow and push you beyond your limit. You can’t water cement and expect a garden. You must go where you grow, and you know you’re being watered. And if that’s not the energy you’re getting from your crew, squad, etc. It’s okay to remove, delete, block. Protect those portals and take the power of you!


Love yourself genuinely and be authentic. Loving ourselves on the inside will produce an outward effect to reflect love to others. Now I know due to COVID-19, the outward appearance may not be appealing (speaking for myself). But I encourage you to look on the inside and see GOD’S LOVE, SPEAK LOVE & SELF-LOVE…..REFLECT LOVE! We can’t pour from an empty cup, so you must take care of YOURSELF first! Why? It’s obvious…you deserve more!!

What do you see when you’re looking in the mirror?

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1 Comment

I absolutely love this!! I’m so proud of you for choosing you!!

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